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An integral part of our expertise at osTechnology focuses on web and mobile application development. Solid backend development is the foundation of an efficient app. Backend development ensures an application can relay database information to a user’s browser. osTechnology specialises in developing applications using frameworks such as Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used to develop full-stack web applications. This robust framework leverages built-in tool packages and extensions to facilitate rapid web development. The PHP ecosystem allows Laravel extreme scalability to keep up with any business’s growth.

Benefits of Laravel

Model-View-Controller Design

Laravel works with an MVC design. Modularising the app facilitates organised code, allowing PHP developers to create large-scale applications. The organisation of MVC design enables developers to locate specific sections of code quickly, easing debugging and allowing them to add additional functionality to existing code.

Easy Modifications

The modularity of the MVC design makes it easy for app developers to modify applications. Segmenting the code enables PHP developers to identify specific lines of code and update them as needed. This segmentation also means creators can make one portion of the app at a time, resulting in further flexibility and scalability.

App Testing Features

Laravel comes equipped with features to test applications before problems arise. As PHP developers code, they can test both short lines of code and large codebases to ensure the application is working correctly before the app is released. App testing creates bug-free coding to develop high performing applications.

Rapid Development

There are many features included with the Laravel framework that enable app developers to create customised apps rapidly. For example, Laravel has Eloquent, an Object Relation Mapper. This ORM creates and customises models. Representing database values with objects prevents coders from writing complete SQL statements.

Laravel’s MVC design model also accelerates development, as the segmented nature allows multiple developers to work on an app simultaneously.

Eloquent, MVC architecture and other tools such as Artisan command-line interface aid our developers in making apps for businesses quickly.

The Future of Laravel

Approximately 50% of websites use PHP language. Of the PHP frameworks available, most web developers prefer the Laravel application framework because of its comprehensive syntax, MVC architecture, flexibility and performance. It’s clear why companies such as Pfizer, Liberty Mutual and the BBC already use Laravel.

With hundreds of thousands of large and small businesses already using this open-source application, the functionality of Laravel will only continue to grow.

Laravel with us

We understand that platforms are not a one-size-fits-all solution. If your business is using a web application that lacks the functionality your business requires or if you’re in the market for a new customised website or application, speak with one of our PHP developers.

Allow us to know your business's unique needs by scheduling a consultation with u. We’ll work with you to migrate, update or create a new customised website catered to you.

Combined with Laravel’s scalable, efficient and robust framework, our expertise will undoubtedly create a website or web application with the functionality your business needs. Contact us today.

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