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Many sources tout Bootstrap as a quick and easy platform for new website designers, though it’s not always clear what makes Bootstrap a user-friendly yet robust platform. If you’re interested in creating a website using Bootstrap or if you’re having customisability issues with your existing Bootstrap site, osTechnology is here to help.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular frontend open-source toolkit, featuring Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components and powerful JavaScript plugins. Bootstrap is a front-end development framework that enables developers to quickly build responsive websites using CSS, JavaScript and HTML code collections.

Bootstrap Features

Responsive Grids and Images

Bootstrap offers ready-to-use grid templates that are adjustable to predefined sizes. Grid templates save valuable time that developers should be spending on adding functionality to the website. Bootstrap also codes the grid template and images to be responsive to a variety of screen sizes from large computer screens to small mobile device screens.

Code and Component Collections

The Bootstrap toolkit offers an impressive collection of prebuilt components and predefined code. This includes various features to assist with functionality and UI, such as dropdowns, scrollbars, transitions and free glyphs. Each piece of code comes with detailed documentation to offer a clear picture of what the component will look like and how it will function. Bootstrap’s impressive toolkit gives website designers clean, ready-to-use code for no extra cost.


While the toolkit includes an abundance of pre-created Bootstrap components, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fully customised website on the platform. Bootstrap is open-source, so there is already a vast community of web developers contributing to new and innovative coding components every day. Businesses can also hire a website developer to create a Bootstrap website specifically to meet their needs for ultimate customisation.

Bootstrap Drawbacks

Framework Size

The Bootstrap framework often comes with a price. The initial size can exceed 100 KB, which will affect website performance. You can mediate this issue by customising the application. Businesses can have a fast and functional site by removing the features from the framework that don’t add functionality to the website.

Alternatively, companies can hire a web developer to customise their website for them. Website developers will ensure that every website only includes the features that will enhance each company’s website while still standing out.


Bootstrap credits a large part of its success to the collections of ready-to-use code and templates available on Bootstrap and external websites. The price of using premade code is that the components all have a similar visual style. This causes many websites to look alike. To avoid this issue, companies must spend time carefully selecting components to make their websites stand out.

Bootstrap with us

Bootstrap is a great framework that enables rapid website development with excellent features and UI. Whether you’re looking for a new Bootstrap-based website or you have an existing website that you’re looking to customise, we are here to help.

Let us make your website as unique as your business by customising Bootstraps technology to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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