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Website Development

As brick and mortar businesses become less popular, more companies are looking to move online or upgrade their existing web presence. To stand out in the vast internet market, you’ll need an eye-catching, high-performing website.


If you want to grow your audience with a functional, scalable website, osTechnology’s website development team is ready to transform your online presence.

What is website development?

Website development is the building and maintaining of a website. Web development encompasses all of the work needed to develop a website, such as application development, design, programming and database management.

Types of Web Development

Frontend Development

Frontend development focuses on creating the interface website visitors see. Frontend coding allows visitors to interact with a website without communicating with the internet. Websites need good frontend development to ensure a good user experience (UX).

Backend Development

Backend development is the coding that’s done to the server-side of a website. Backend development ensures that APIs, content, databases, security and content structure all function behind-the-scenes, creating a well-functioning website.

Full Stack Development

Full stack developers work on both the client-facing and server-side of websites and applications. Since full stack developers have several years of experience in frontend and backend development, a full stack developer is able to complete projects from start to finish quickly. Their expertise allows them to optimise performance and catch issues on both sides of the application before they occur.

Website Development Process
1. Create a Strategy
2. Build a Wireframe
3. Website Creation
4. Purchase a Domain
5. Publish the Website

1. Create a Strategy

The first step of web development is to talk to a website designer about the goals of your website. Your web development team will determine your site’s audience, the type of website you need, the functionality of the website and discuss your budget.

2. Build a Wireframe

Based on the information given during the strategy meeting, the developers will create a wireframe. The wireframe is the website’s blueprint which will help web developers streamline navigation, link pages and organise the website.

3. Website Creation

During website creation, the web development team will code and design the frontend and backend of the website. Servers, databases and a user interface are all created based on the functionality you require for your website. Developers can create a website using a CMS like WordPress or from scratch.

4. Purchase a Domain

Before publishing your site, you must acquire a domain name and link it to your host. Domains should be easy to both spell and pronounce to allow visitors to access the website easily. Your web development team will help you purchase a catchy domain and link it to a hosting site if you haven’t done so already.

5. Publish the Website

The final step of the web development process is to publish the website. Once the web developers have thoroughly tested the website and you confirm the website is functioning as you see fit, the website is published so you can start connecting with your audience.

Website Development with us

Our website developers have experience with both frontend and backend development. We’ve mastered the art of developing websites and applications that centre around UI and your brand’s culture.

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