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Today, it’s easier than ever to build a website. There are many website development platforms to choose from with visual editing tools that allow people to create websites for everything from personal blogs to lucrative ecommerce businesses. Wix is one of these popular website-building programs with a remarkable catalogue of features.

What is Wix?

Wix is a user-friendly CMS made for websites of all functions and sizes. The Wix platform offers both visual editing tools and more advanced manual creation tools, making this a platform accessible to both beginners and professional web developers alike.

Wix is for Everyone

With a suite of templates, designs and tools, users can use Wix for almost any type of website. Wix templates can suit anything from blogs to ecommerce businesses and portfolios to consulting companies.

The app market in Wix offers almost 300 apps that can be added onto your Wix site that are catered to professionals. These solutions also help customise websites and give powerful features to increase engagement, analyse statistics and more.

Wix is Intuitive

Website designers don’t have to know a single line of code to create a website on Wix. With Wix artificial design intelligence, users can take a short quiz regarding their site and style preferences. From there, Wix ADI builds the site in minutes. The Wix Editor allows you to start by using a blank template and drag-and-drop technology to add desired features. Developers can also add customised coded elements using the HTML app.

Why hire a web developer for Wix?


Drag-and-drop building and the Wix ADI make Wix a CMS accessible to any designer level. However, as with any template-based web builder, websites often look alike. Once the Wix ADI builds the initial site, novice designers may have trouble customising the website to have the look and function they need. This is where a web designer comes in.

Web designers and web developers have experience creating customised websites and applications to make beautiful, functional sites. A website designer will utilise both the Wix editors and their coding expertise to ensure that each site is unique and serves its function.


Anybody can use Wix, making collaboration simple. A company can start building a website and later pull in a web designer to assist with further customisation. This gives businesses the ability to explore their vision before the designer adds function.

Alternatively, companies can work with a web designer from the beginning. Since Wix is a user-friendly platform, it’s easy for web designers to give their clients access to login and view the designer’s work on the website. Ease of use allows for easy collaboration and a site catered to each specific business’s needs.

Wix with us

Web designers do more than build Wix websites. Our web development team gets to know your business and designs a fantastic site with features tailored to fit your needs.

If you have an existing Wix website needing an upgrade or you need to create a new Wix-based website, schedule a consultation with us today. Our web designers would love to collaborate with you.

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