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WordPress Theme Development

Branding is an essential part of every business. When building a website, your site must be consistent with your distinctive brand. The WordPress CMS has a library of themes to choose from but customising those themes to align with your brand may require a theme developer.


If you find you need a WordPress developer, we have a team of WordPress development experts to guide your company towards success.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a template overlaid onto the site to modify the display without changing the WordPress core software. Not only do themes adjust the visual presentation of a WordPress site, but they can also control site content behaviour. For example, responsive themes can optimise viewing depending upon the screen size the viewer is utilising.

You can think of your WordPress Theme like a template that goes on top of your WordPress website to help with branding and consistency.

Benefits of WordPress Themes

Branding Independence

WordPress themes are independent from the core WordPress software. Themes enable you to adjust the visual presentation and behaviour of your site without touching the core software. This code independence ensures that you can stay on top of software upgrades without worrying about the effects of the upgrades on your branding and you can adjust the visual appearance of your site at any time without ever affecting the functionality of the core software.

Brand Consistency

WordPress allows your website to reflect the uniqueness of your business. The WordPress visual editing system has a library of thousands of pre-created themes for website designers to select. Some are free, while others can purchase premium options. With many themes, you’ll be able to find a colour scheme consistent with your branding. Better yet, working with a WordPress theme developer can ensure customised brand consistency.

Theme Functionality

WordPress themes affect the visual appearance of your website, as well as SEO, UX and performance. When selecting a theme, you’ll need to consider features your website needs, such as eCommerce features, plugin compatibility and SEO configuration.

Theme Customisation

Pre-created themes allow you to select the design and functionality for your website without HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS or other coding experience. However, many businesses find it overwhelming to find a pre-created theme with desired functionality and appearance. Without knowing coding languages, you won’t be able to customise these themes to align with your unique brand. For a fully customised WordPress theme, you need a theme developer.

WordPress Theme Development with us

WordPress Theme Development Expertise

Deciding on a WordPress theme with your brand’s aesthetic and all of the features your business requires can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our WordPress developers work with you to upgrade and optimise your existing WordPress theme or create a new, customised site for your business.

Here are a few of the services our WordPress experts offer:

- Custom Branded Themes
- Enhanced SEO
- Customised Functionality
- Optimised Performance
- Site Sustainability

Custom WordPress Theme Development

We aim to spearhead your product development from ideation to execution. We offer a range of WordPress development services to lead businesses to success.

If you’re ready to redesign or create a new WordPress website to be more functional and scalable, contact us to consult with our team of experts today.

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