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WordPress Development

WordPress has become an ubiquitous name in the ever-growing market of content management tools. WordPress alone hosts approximately one-third of websites today. If your company is interested in transitioning to a more robust content management system, WordPress is the way to go.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a robust and easy-to-use content creation platform that allows you to develop web applications, websites and blog sites. WordPress is flexible and enables you to integrate a vast array of software into your website. As an open-sourced CMS hosting more than one-third of websites, over 19 million users contribute to expanding this content management system’s already impressive capabilities.

WordPress’s functionality, flexibility and hosting options make this an excellent platform for small businesses and the ideal CMS for developing a scalable enterprise solution.

Development Simplified: Themes & Plugins

Historically, a CMS with the capabilities of WordPress would require extensive HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS or other coding experience. WordPress simplifies website development using a visual editing system that doesn’t need users to know any coding language.

- WordPress Theme Development
- WordPress Plugin Development


Theme Development

A wide array of pre-created themes for WordPress are available for content creators to select as part of the visual editing system. While some of the themes are free, several premium options are available for purchase. You may consider hiring a theme developer to create a WordPress theme for your business for further customisation.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are another tool that elevates the WordPress CMS platform. Plugins allow users to easily add features to their site with the click of a button. Plugins enable users to create payment gateways, boost SEO and more.

Like themes, there is a vast library of free plugins and premium plugins available for purchase. Alternatively, businesses seeking specific features often choose to hire a plugin developer to create a custom WordPress plugin.

Having trouble with your current WordPress site?

WordPress visual editing tools allow even the most amateur designer to create appealing web content while collecting valuable data. Themed templates and integrated tools enable anyone to publish content, adjust settings, interact with visitors and see statistics and analytics, all with a few clicks.

This innovative editor is an excellent tool for novices, but users may have limitations without code knowledge. Even content creators with some coding experience may run into issues if they haven’t worked in WordPress before. After building the initial website, many users run into problems with backing up the website, customising themes and making other adjustments to the site.

If you find your business experiencing these issues or prefer to have a professional create your site to avoid potential problems entirely, consider hiring a WordPress developer.

WordPress Retainers with us

A WordPress retainer offers businesses access to the vast array of available tools and customisations without needing any web development skills. Retainers give companies access to our world-class developers with extensive experience in customisation, wireframes, debugging codebase, front-end and back-end development, content migration, SEO optimisation and more.

Contact us to discuss how our retainers can save you time and hassle while improving your website’s design and performance.

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